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Thank you for expressing interest in investing in MPSI’s thrilling portfolio of productions. We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to become a valued partner in our West End, UK & International Touring, and Broadway ventures. While we acknowledge that investing in the entertainment industry carries inherent risks, we believe it can also be an immensely enjoyable and rewarding experience.

At MPSI, we collaborate closely with both private and commercial investors to finance carefully selected productions, encompassing a diverse range of plays, musicals, and concerts. By joining forces with us, you will not only contribute to the creation of extraordinary theatrical experiences but also gain access to a host of exclusive benefits and advantages.

As one of our esteemed theatre investors, you can look forward to the following privileges:

  1. Complimentary Tickets: Enjoy the exhilaration of attending opening night and gala performances on us. Immerse yourself in the enchantment of live theatre and witness the magic unfold before your eyes.
  2. Opening Night Parties: Receive exclusive invitations to our glamorous opening night parties, where you will have the exceptional opportunity to mingle with the talented cast and company members. Engage in conversations, share your appreciation, and celebrate the realisation of our shared artistic vision.
  3. Open Dress Rehearsals: Gain behind-the-scenes access to the creative process by attending open dress rehearsals. Witness the intricate workings of a production as it takes shape and witness the transformation from rehearsal to performance.
  4. House Seats in the West End: Access a selection of house seats across the prestigious West End, ensuring your comfort and enjoyment while experiencing some of the finest theatrical productions in the world. Immerse yourself in the beauty and grandeur of the theatre from your prime vantage point.
  5. Advance Investment Opportunities: Stay one step ahead with early notice of future investment opportunities. Be among the first to explore and invest in upcoming productions, maximising your potential returns and expanding your portfolio.

We firmly believe that our theatre investors should receive exceptional treatment and unparalleled experiences. By investing with MPSI, you become an integral part of our artistic family, sharing in the triumphs and joys of live theatre.

Should you wish to discuss this investment opportunity further or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience. We look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you on our upcoming ventures.

If you would like to receive additional information and to also learn more about investing in theatre, please contact us here.